Tereza Haszprunarova / COCO ROCOCO

I am young creative portrait and fashion photographer based in London, UK.

My aim is to always deliver catching and unique images that will appeal to human soul and heart.



Published in:

Vogue.it (Online), Papercut Magazine (Print + Online) , XO Magazine (US),

Pride Magazine (UK), Black Hair (UK), Made in Shoreditch (UK), RazorMonkey Magazine (Online),

DigiFoto Magazine (CZ), Fashion Served (Online), Fashionising.com (Online),

FOTO Magazine (CZ), Vi.sualise.us (Online), Actitudes Magazine (Spain),

Cili Chili (CZ), I’M Image Magazine (Online), Image 34 Magazine (Online)


Vodafone, Mitsubishi, Lancia, ING , PH models management, Made With Love, Kingdom entertainment,

Kai Kai Music, Belle Braids, Its Upshot Sebastian Thiel, Vohoz, Urbanrook,

Carib Gourmet, Pepi’s Hairdressers, Radiant Hair Salon,

Geobeats, Sayaka Arai jewellery,


2012 –  Artatak gallery, Prague , “Lonely Heros”  (group)

2012 -Willesden Green Library Lab, London, “Unlimited Wonderful” (solo)

2012 – Artbanka, Muzeum of Young Art, Prague (group)

2011 – National Bank, Prague, “In between” (group)

2011 – Good Tearoom, Liberec, “Structures” (solo)

2010 – Galerie Emila Filly, Usti nad Labem, “Diplomky” (group)

2010 – Santander Spain, Espacion Nudage festival of young art (group)

2009 – Designblok festival , Prague (solo)

2008 – Vinicni Altan, Prague, “Pandemonium” (solo)


Portrait session with Nina

On November 19, 2013
By Coco Rococo

One of my long time friends Nina ask me to do some promo pictures for her. She is  model and make-up artist quite experienced with the camera. She is also new mom to a baby boy so she manage to strike a great poses between brief moments when she was catching her baby boy running around the studio.

I was looking for classical look resembling old film portraits by Cecil Beaton just with a little bit of an edge. I kept those image bit rough with minimal retouch to give it some modern twist and naturalism.

If you would like to see more pictures of Nina you can visit her model and make-up blog http://butterfliesinmarmalade.blogspot.co.uk/



beauty portrait2 Close up classical beauty portrait



Short promo video for Anu make-up artist

On November 16, 2013
By Coco Rococo

Anu Sihota is young and very talented make-up artist and a model who was in need of some promo materials so I come up with the idea for short video showing her make up as well as little bits of her personality to attract more clients for her.

So I created a simple portrait video just like an image but moving, almost a form of a headshot in movement that can be ultimately versatile for use. It could be film background for a website or a stand-alone promotional piece.




Anu from Coco Rococo on Vimeo.




Portrait session with chef Bayari Lou Beegan

On November 12, 2013
By Coco Rococo

One of the latest projects I worked on is portraits and headshots for London based chef Bayari Lou Beegan. She is super amazing spiritual teacher who believes that good food combined with positive energy can cure human souls.

So for the shoot I wanted to enhance the soft, warm and positive energy she is putting in everything she does. We went for two portrait set ups, one outside that would represent more of her spiritual and teaching side and second set up in a kitchen, where we went for more life style editorial feeling portraits, that she can use also for her catering promo.)




Portrait HeadshotPortrait Headshot






























How to print your photos

On October 11, 2013
By Coco Rococo

Recently more and more clients asked me about printing a photograph so I decided to put together a post about it with some helpful information about different ways how and where to get your pictures print.

The cheapest and probably easiest method is to print pictures at home on regular printer. Obviously it is also the least quality one. The reason is most of the regular home printers use only 4 different ink colors to create all the colors on picture, but you have complete control over the processes and can image easily reprint if you don’t like it.

You can improve the performance of your home printer with buying a “photo paper” for it. I wrote “photo paper” because paper you can buy for your printer is not an actual light sensitive photo paper that can develop the picture without any ink like a classical one from the old days. This one only simulate the same structure as regular film-age photo paper but uses  ink to create a picture, not developing process.If you will be buying a paper for your printer make sure you are buying the one for printer not the one for dark room use. They tent to have similar packages and might be produce by the same brands so better to ask somebody in store for advice.


If you need a better quality print, more precise colors or just a bigger print then you can do at home, professional printing studio is a great choice. In London my favorite one would be Print space but there are lot of them who is doing a great job but I recommend to read some reviews first.


Usually they will let you choose between two different printing techniques:

1) Regular print with ink – same technology like your home printer but with usually more than 10 different ink colors, better resolution and much better quality ink. You can use this print on different type of paper, even more structured ones or canvas.

2) My personal favorite – Light jet or Lambda or just C-Print, this technology use actual light sensitive papers and transfer the digital picture on them with laser. This offer great color stability : as there is no ink that might fade with time and also great precision with details.

On the other side of the spectrum of printing possibilities is probably the worst printing solution: regular “Kodak” or “Snappy” lab , where you don’t have any control over the process and also most of the machines  got automatic enhancement of colors and contrast, basically to make you holiday pictures nice and colorfully but it can completely ruin a professionally fine tuned image.

So this is all pretty good solutions (accept the lab one) depending if you need picture just for you or if you want to present it somewhere, if you would have any more ideas or comments please, wrote it down to comment section on email me directly to TerezaHasz@gmail.com



Behind the scenes from Jai Amore music video shooting

On May 22, 2013
By Coco Rococo

Last week I got the chance to get to a SECRET LOCATION music video shoot by Jai Amore.

Incredibly atmospheric house full of ghosts and run down fire places ,slowly turning into luxurious hotel, singing the song of forgotten life and stories.

We were lucky enought to be there for whole day, got plenty of time to catch some stunning footage and I am sure this will be an epic movie video once finished.

I took some quick promo pictures in short pauses between the scenes  that will come later on and some behind the scenes that you can see right now.

Surely we will be coming back to this place real soon with whole heavy duty equipment, small armored troop … I mean ..”team” (…) and do some more promo pics for Jai Amore press kit that starts to grow fatter and fatter…and in this case I think it is the good kind of fat. :-)




Backstage Jai amore photo shoot














Backstage Jai Amore photo shoot














Backstage Jai Amore promo shoot


















“Date with a night” editorial for XO magazine POP issue

On May 1, 2013
By Coco Rococo

Starting from today new issue of XO Magazine is out with new very colorful editorial I ve done for the “POP” issue of this US based magazine.

The idea behind it was to show young girls lost in the hunt for happiness with bit of bitter emptiness that this lifestyle brings all wrapped in bright colors enhancing the idea of fake.

The background for the shoot was stunning http://www.rollerdisco.com/ who let us to use their disco club and their skates, they got some really fun events coming on their website so be sure to check them out.

And of course, massive shout out for the great team :

Make up: Violet Zeng
Styling: Drey Mark
Hair: Jack Fitzpatrick
Models: Sophie @ Bookings Models and Mila @Oxygen Models

Thank you!!


You can find the whole magazine in digital version on : http://issuu.com/xomag/docs/xo_magazine_issue_18_pop_issue where you can also buy print one and have it delivered to your doors.





Jai Amore promo portraits

On April 15, 2013
By Coco Rococo

Last week new website of Jai Amore came online  (you cab see it here : http://www.jaiamoreworld.co.uk/)

I am always very happy to see my pictures as living and breathing images with kind of live of their own, it like baby leaving a home and set up his own family and I am proud my baby is doing well. :-)

For the whole set of pictures and more music, please have a look at : http://www.jaiamoreworld.co.uk



“Xanadu” fashion editorial for XO Magazine

On March 16, 2013
By Coco Rococo

This week I ve done an another fashion editorial shoot for XO Magazine. This time it was for their spring printed edition themed “POP”

That sounds like a lot of colors and fun, so I decided to go disco a bit.. and when disco …then roller disco!

We got an amazing location of Renaissance rooms roller disco club ( http://www.rollerdisco.com/ )  that we got just for ourselfs for almost 5 hours.

The stylist , amazing Drey Mark (check her stylist blog: http://stylistsnotepad.blogspot.co.uk/ )

got many stunting outfits and our MUA Violet Zeng was the best preperd MUA I ever got in my life, have a look at her portfolio it is amazing: http://www.violetzengmakeup.co.uk/


And of course, thanks to out lovely models Sophie @Bookings Models and Mila @OxygenModels




YAFA hrvst : limited edition postcards featuring my work

On March 13, 2013
By Coco Rococo

YAFA — YoungAndFresh Asso­ci­a­tion  — An inde­pen­dent asso­ci­a­tion with a goal to sup­port tal­ented stu­dents of uni­ver­si­ties of pho­tog­ra­phy in Cen­tral Europe honored me with being one of the selected 26 authors who is featured in their recent limited edition postcards with one of my pictures from “Untitled series”

You can preview the publication as well as get the information how and where to get it on their website : http://www.young-fresh.eu/index.php/en/news/696-limited-edition-hrvst-12

The set should be available in Czech Republic or in selected galleries in central and eastern Europe (and its also available to order by post)

Czech galleries where you can buy them :

Leica Gallery Prague
Galerie Rudolfinum
Dům Umění města Brna
UměleckoPrůmyslové Muzeum Praha
Galerie Hlavního Města Prahy – Dům u Kamenného Zvonu, Staroměstské náměstí


Backstage video with Jai Amore

On March 13, 2013
By Coco Rococo

Backstage video from high energy shoot with British singer Jai Amore for his new album that will be released very soon.

Pictures done of course by Coco Rococo, London based fashion and people photographer :-)

This was our first shoot and I am quite sure it was not the last one. :-)

Check his website full of positive vibes and great songs : http://www.jaiamoreworld.co.uk 

also thanks to @KaiKaiMusic for the video edits and @KareemJonesVTG for the stunning hand made jackets!

Love, guys! xxx




Behind the scene from “Stellar Flux” shoot

On December 22, 2012
By Coco Rococo

Recently me and my team stylist Danielle Fontaine and make up artist Mishelle Maskell made together another editorial for XO Magazine. We decided to go fot minimalist red/white/black slightly fairy tailish theme.

This came to my mind when I saw this year is actually 200th anniversary of publishing brothers Grimms tales. That is a long time ago I was wondering if those brothers ever considered that their versions of stories they heard and picked will be so popular so long after they both died…

A little romantic legends in new space technology world .. I guess people just needs dreams whatever is around them…



Tim Walker exhibition in Somerset House.

On November 23, 2012
By Coco Rococo

I ve recently seen amazing exhibition. Tim Walker exhibition in Somerset House. Ok..maybe it was not so surprising that it was a good one, because Tim Walkers works are generaly very good but what caught my eye even more was very precise attention to detail where one detail comes together with another one and then at the end made whole concept.

This is basically how Walkers images works and I was glad to see that they kept this idea with set design of the exhibition. What kinda disappointed me was even though the exhibition is free, there is no cheaper catalog …just a massive Tim Walkers book.

…but I dont blame them … Tim Walkers pictures do look better in bigger book…

However.. the exhibition is on till January so be sure you ll stop by.


Here is some info : http://www.somersethouse.org.uk/visual-arts/tim-walker-story-teller





Made With Love kids

On November 15, 2012
By Coco Rococo

I got a wonderful chance to work for online store Made With Love that offers high quality children cloth from designers from all over the world. I must say from my own experience that the cloth I photograph was really good quality and extremely fashionable.

It is really lovely to see somebody so passionate about sustainably sourced clothing and fashion for kids as they are in Made With love. :-)

My pictures are already online, so if you would be interested check the website here : http://www.madewithlovekids.co.uk/



Friday UK show series

On November 12, 2012
By Coco Rococo

I was commissioned by Sebastian Thiel (who has been recently voted among 1000 most influential Londoners) to make a poster shoot for his new show Friday UK.

We done 2 movie posters together already so I think he is in happy with my work and I am excited every time he asks me to do a new poster for some new dope project he is just up to.


This time it was Uk version of american show Friday with 2 great comedians Babatunde and T-boy. The news about the show already bomb the internet and I am sure this will be really successful one!

Check the trailer here:




Ethical advertisement as way out of moral crisis

On September 11, 2012
By Coco Rococo

Yes, I really think advertisement could sell the product, be ethical and brings some cultural values in the same time.

The problem would be that nobody seems to be really thinking about it..

I will give you and example.. recently I notice on pack of  NONAMED chocolate   a text saying “More Milk, Less cocoa”.. read as marketing speak this means “Less more expensive ingredient, more of the cheap one, and we can still make it as plus on the pack.. yaaayy we are good”

…not mentioning that there is NO real milk in it just loads of sugar…

So that was an example of NON ETHICAL advertisement.. but would it be possible to market the very same chocolate the ethical way?

How about “Our chocolate is made with love, so you can pass it to someone when they need a little treat… DogHouse Chocolate, Let´s made someones day!”

See what I mean???



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